Meet Amelia Ditmar-Maggs: The Born To Run Foundation’s 12th Prosthesis Donation

Amelia Ditmar-Maggs, of Orono Maine, is a below the knee amputee who lost her right foot in a car accident in December 2019 when her car hit a patch of ice while driving home for the holidays. Noelle had the opportunity to present Amelia with her new running blade in March 2021 at the Ultimate Sports Academy in Manchester, NH. This running prosthesis will allow Amelia to start running and training.

Amelia says the running blade serves as a reminder for her to keep pushing. She also said that Noelle is truly an inspiring individual and she is thankful every time she puts on her blade and hopes that one day, she will be able to pay it forward. Amelia is a sophomore studying pre-med at Eastern Maine Community College.

Amelia’s running blade was made by Hanger Clinic. This is The Born To Run Foundation’s 12th donation.