Meet Henry Tripp, Recipient of The Born to Run Foundation’s 3rd Donation

Henry Tripp of Arlington, MA, is an above-the-knee amputee who lost his leg in a car accident during the fall of 2018. During the Noelle’s Angels fundraiser event at Fenway Johnnies in June 2019, I had the opportunity to donate a running blade to Henry.

Since receiving the running blade, Henry has been able to get back into running and continue to be the active kid he was before his accident. Being able to provide young people, like Henry, with athletic prostheses has meant the world to me.

A month after receiving his running blade, Henry joined me at the West High School track in Manchester, NH to run a few laps for the Foundation’s fourth donation to Josh Beecher.

Henry’s running blade was made by Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics. This was the Foundation’s third donation.