Meet Isaak Depelteau, Recipient of The Born to Run Foundation’s 1st Donation

When I first met Isaak at the prosthetic company Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, I didn’t realize that he had just had his new running blade fitted to him. He was running around and looked like he was a natural on his new leg. Isaak was so full of energy and excitement which was contagious to everyone who saw him.  Isaak was the first donation we made from The Born to Run Foundation on December 9, 2018,  and to see the little 3-year old charging around the room like his favorite comic character, Batman, whose insignia is on his running blade, brought me so much joy. It is why I chose to dedicate myself to helping other young amputees by raising funds through The Born to Run Foundation  to provide them with artificial limbs that they can use to be active in their lives from participating in organized sports, activities with families and friends and swimming at a beach or a pool.  Isaak’s enthusiasm was evident that day when we officially presented him with his running blade in front of the media.  The Born to Run Foundation was thrilled to be part of his recovery and rehabilitation as he will know no bounds.  Isaak was the first of many amazing amputees whom we have helped and every one of them have come to be amputees through different ways. Isaak was diagnosed neurofibromatosis which led to the amputation of his lower left leg, a difficult decision that his parents made to ensure that Isaak would have an active future.  I look forward to the day when Isaak can outrun me and show me that with the right support, anything is possible.