Team, Noelle Lambert Strives to Use Her Experience to Support Fellow Amputees

Noelle Lambert is set to compete in her first Paralympic Games just a few years since stepping onto the track for the first time. She played collegiate lacrosse at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Boston, and wasn’t quite ready to hang up her active lifestyle upon graduation. But more importantly, she felt called to be able to support fellow amputees in the same way that she once received help and support.

Lambert had just completed her freshman year lacrosse season at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Boston when she was in a moped accident with a friend, which resulted in the amputation of her left leg. The accident did little to slow Lambert down, however. Her recovery was done at full speed – she redshirted the 2017 657season and was cleared to play in March of 2018, just a year after receiving her new running blade.

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